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Tuesday, March 17

I managed to get a tag post done for today, since yesterday  wasn't able to post anything fun or exciting! My work seems to be coming along at an okay pace, so I had a little bit of time to make this post!

I found this tag floating over tumblr, so unfortunately I can't cite the original source. 
Also, I'd like to mention that I was not specifically tagged, I just thought the idea of this kind of tag was really interesting, and wanted to be included, so I am doing it anyway: 

Pick a band/artist and answer the following questions using song titles from said band:
(Instead of picking, I made it more interesting by putting my phone on shuffle and picking the first artist)

What is the band: Lifehouse

Are you male/female: "Fairy Tails and Castles"

Describe yourself: "Lazy" 
*hehe, so true*

How do you feel: "Take Me Away"

Describe where you currently live: "Where I Come From" 
*oooh, so vague... good job Amanda*

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: "Into The Sun"

Your best friend is: "My Precious"

You and your best friend are: "Everything"

What is the weather like: "Between The Raindrops"

Favourite time of the day: "Silent Night"

If your life was a TV show, what would the title be: "Whatever It Takes"

Your relationship: "Only You're The One"

Your fear: "Goodbye"

Well, that was interesting. It was fun trying to fit their song titles into these questions!
I tag anyone who wants to do this post! (Comment your post so I can read your answers)


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  1. This looks like such a fun tag, I definitely want to give it a go!

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life