Facts About Me | Fun Fact Friday

Friday, March 20

Sorry I've been away for a few days. I had a high work load this week, and then I lost my camera memory card and didn't feel like making any posts :( 
I'm back now, and I thought I'd give you all some general knowledge about me for today's Fun Fact Friday!

Name: Amanda Ann

Birthday: October, 4th

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4.5 (yes the 0.5 matters *wink*)

Favorite color(s): Cotton Candy pink, yellow & baby blue

Time and date at current moment: 7:00pm Friday

Average hours of sleep: I aim for 7, but that doesn't always happen.. 

Lucky number: 1!

Last thing I googled: "HTML colours"

First word that comes to mind: Disney

One place that makes me happy: Being with my partner, doesn't matter where *insert cheesy awwwww sound*

How many blankets I sleep under: when it's cold, two but usually just one

Favorite cartoon character: there are so many ways to answer this question...
In childhood: scooby-doo, belle from Beauty and the Beast
Now: Rapunzel, Eeyore, Charlie Brown

Favorite books: The Vampire Academy series by Rachel Mead, and anything by Amanda Ashley

Favorite TV show(s): Criminal Minds

Favorite drink: Cranberry or Orange juice

Favorite food: PIZZA

Dream wedding: I'm not entirely sure, there are lots of little ideas of things I'd like to have in my wedding, but I don't have an overall dream picture of how I want my wedding to be

Zodiac: Libra (which, by the way is the worst zodiac ever! Who wants to be a scale!?)

Myers-Briggs: Well, being a psychology major in university, I did this test that is similar to the Myers-Briggs personality test, and got Mediator (Not sponsored, I was just interested, and thought I'd include the link incase someone else is also interested)

Relationship Status: Happily taken


  1. Great post! Nice to read more about you! :)


  2. Haha: Pizza... for me as well. But it's so bad for me. :(