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Thursday, March 12


If you didn't already know this about me, well now you do: I SUCK at applying make-up!
*seriously, I should apply to be in the circus*
Whether it's because I never really had the practice when I was in my teen years, so now that I do wear it, I have to get the practice in before it'll look alright, or it's just because I can't do it right (please let it be the first one *fingers crossed*

Although I don't really have any clue what I'm doing, I do have some go-to daily products that I like to use and I thought I would share them today. These products are ones I've found in drugstores, as I have little money available to spend on luxuries such as make-up. Some day I'll be able to splurge on fancy expensive makeup, but not for a while. 

The first product is a blush from Nyx, in the colour PB03 Angel. Since I am crap at applying make-up, I don't tend to go out and buy a lot of new products all at once. Therefore when I was looking to purchase a blush, I wanted one that would be a lovely light pink that I could wear with a lot of different things. This blush is wonderful! I love how it looks on my cheeks, *even if it's not applied right*, the colour is amazing!

The next product is what I use for foundation. Now, since I literally have no clue what I am doing in this department, I opted for a powder foundation. I don't think I'm quite confident enough to upgrade to liquid foundation just yet, although maybe some day! 
Another issue I tend to have is that my skin is pale - like vampire pale *te he* and have no idea what shade of foundation I am.

I've been using this Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder (in the shade 20, classic ivory) for a while, and I'm not sure if it matches the best. There is a shade lighter, that I am tempted to try, but I just haven't gotten around to purchasing it yet.

This colour is not necessarily the one I will always wear, but I just love this brand! The Revlon Lip Butters are AMAZING! I've seen so many people say good things about them, and they're all true! I have three different shades, and would have more but my bank account won't allow me. My favourite shade that I own is the 035 Candy Apple. It's such a beautiful red shade without being the bold red a lipstick would give you.

I also wear the Colossal Volume Express Mascara from Maybelline *it's also running out, so I should try a new one!* and the Revlon ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner *thats a mouthful*, but they were buggers to take photos of, so I couldn't do the solo shots *sad face*

P.S. For my eyeshadow, I use the Naked 2: Basic palatte, which is in another post, so I didn't include it here

What are your make-up staples, or what should I try next?

*This is not a sponsored post*


  1. From the photos I saw, I think you're doing quite a good job :)



  3. I never tested REVLON lipstick, should I ?? and I will recommend you, mascara "Volume million lashes" from L'oreal, is my essential!


    1. The revlon lip butters are amazing! I love them!
      Also, thanks for the mascara recommendation! I'll look for that when I pick up my next one!

  4. I love the lip butters too, although I go for the nude shades!
    ~basicallychloe xx

  5. I love the lip butters too, although I go for the nude shades!
    ~basicallychloe xx