Valentines For Broke Couples

Wednesday, February 11

Unfortunately for myself and my partner, we are both broke university students. We still however want to enjoy what Valentines Day signifies, and spending quality time together without breaking our already broke bank accounts further. I've spend far too many hours searching Pinterest for cheap and easy Valentines Day ideas that both my partner and I will enjoy so I thought I could share some :)

Last Valentines Day I found a recipe on Pinterest for sweet and sour chicken, so I went and bought all the ingredients that I didn't already have in my kitchen and prepared supper for the two of us. We both agreed to not buy each other gifts, as we were broke last year too. Turns out we were trying to trick each other and ended up buying the other something nice for the occasion anyway. *dawh, mushy*
 I bought him three red roses, a box of chocolates and a card and he got me a very nice box of delicious, and somewhat expensive chocolates *yum!*
Red Rose

Anyway, I've been looking for another new recipe to make this year, but I just haven't found anything that pops out and says "Pick me! I'm a great Valentines Day supper!". Until that special recipe shows up, here are some other ideas to keep in mind:

Some other ideas for couples who are broke like us: 
♥ Find a movie website online and find one to watch (preferably that you both want to see)
♥ If it's warm where you are on the globe (lucky duck, its freezing here), lay under the stars for an hour together
♥ Build a pillow/blanket fort in the living room and spend the evening there
♥ Find some old board games you have from childhood and play them together

Those are just a few ideas for when you're a little lacking on funds but still want to do things with your significant other.

Let me know some of your Valentines Day plans!


  1. I love your ideas! Me and my boyfriend are just going to stay in on Valentines and order some food. Then on the Sunday were going to stay in a hotel! Excited!
    Lovely post.
    Alex //

    1. That sounds wonderful! Hope you both have a great weekend!