Top 10 Disney Songs

Thursday, February 19

I just love Disney posts, so I thought I'd do another :) 
This post is going to be my top 10 animated disney songs. This is my opinion on the Disney songs that I either grew up with, or have just really enjoyed. I based this list on which songs I would be likely to listen to now, how well I know the words, and how the song makes me feel.

10. Colours of the Wind - Pocahontas
To be completely honest, part of the reason I like this song so much is when Pocahontas shows John the mama bears cub during the song. Overall the song has great meaning, and makes you think about things bigger than yourself.

9. I've Got a Dream - Tangled
This song is on the list, one: because I love Tangled, and two: because I like how even the meanest "baddies" in the movie have cute little dreams. Not to mention its extremely catchy!

8. Belle (Little Town) - Beauty and the Beast
I feel like Belle and I would be such good friends. She gets so engrossed in her books, and finishes them in a day. (I can do that too!) My favourite part is when she explains the book to the sheep ;)

7. Part of Your World - Little Mermaid
This made the list because its a classic. Everyone knows the words, even when she tries to figure out human words. This song makes you feel empathy for Ariel. I'm a very empathetic person, so I think that may be why I like this song so much.

6. Let it Go - Frozen
This song makes me feel empowered. This song says to me "don't do things for others, do them for yourself!" I also get chills everytime it gets to the part when she tears her hair down, throws away her crown and changes into her beautiful icy dress

5. Kiss The Girl - Little Mermaid
The chorus of marine life is so cute, and when scuttle tries to chime in and is shushed, gosh I love it all! The boat scene is so romantic, and Ariels blue dress is also GORGEOUS! If I could pull off the huge boy she wears, trust me, I would!

4. Tale as Old as Time - Beauty and the Beast
Another classic. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite movie! I just absolutely love Belle's dress, and this scene in the movie. Everything is perfect, and I get so overwhelmingly happy when I hear this song. *romantic sigh*

3. I'll Make a Man Out of You - Mulan
This song may seem surprising, but I love this song so much. I know every single word, and sing along every time I hear it. Towards the end, when the music dies down and only the singing can be heard, honestly gives me chills every single time. If I watch the movie clip while I listen, its just magical, really. 

2. I See the Light - Tangled
THE SCENE WITH THIS SONG GETS ME EVERY TIME! (just thought I'd put that out there)
I've never been happier in a disney movie when the male realizes how much he loves the female. It is honestly one of my all time favourite moments in a disney movie. Anyone who grew up with that fairytale idea in their dreams will love this moment so very much. The song captures exactly what I pictured that fairytale moment being when I was younger. 

1. Something There - Beauty and the Beast
This song is #1 on my list because it makes me the happiest. In the scene, they accommodate one another, which makes me ecstatic. Then the bird scene, and the snowball fight! (Ugh, I just wanna smush the movie with love) This song adds in beasts view of the situation, and its just so adorable. They're falling for each other in the cutest ways!♥  

Honourable Mentions:
I'm not going to include why these made the honourable mentions, but I also quite enjoy these songs!

We Are One - Lion King 2
He's a Tramp - Lady and the Tramp
Prince Ali - Aladdin
Under the Sea - Little Mermaid

Let me know your #1 favourite disney song in the comments!


  1. Great post! My favorite would probably be Colors of the Wind and A Whole New World- Aladdin!


  2. This is such a fun list! I love Disney! I'm a huge fan of I'll Make A Man Out Of You!! Excellent choice! I agree with your entire list! I also really love A Whole New World! And Hakuna Matata, because that's such an absolute classic! :)