The Disney Princess Tag

Sunday, February 15

I found this tag floating around the internet, and wanted to be included in the disney love!  

1. Favourite Princess
♥ Belle

2. Favourite Prince

♥ Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert

3. Favourite Couple

♥ Belle & Adam or Rapunzel & Eugene

4. Least favourite Princess
♥ Tiana

5. Least favourite Prince
♥ The Prince from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

6. Least favourite couple
♥ Snow White and her Prince

7. Favourite dress/outfit
♥ Belle's ballgown, Ariel's blue dress

8. Least favourite dress/outfit
♥ Tinker bell's dress

9. A Princess who inspires you
♥ Belle (smart and likes to read), Rapunzel (I identify with her quirkiness)

10. Worst decision made by a Princess
♥ Ariel signed away her voice...

11. A villain you feel was justified in their treatment of [the] Princess/Prince
♥ Ariel signed away her voice...

12. A Princess you would like to trade places with
♥ Rapunzel (One: we have very similar personalities, Two: Eugene Fitzherbert)

13. A Princess whose life you would hate to have
♥ Unfortunately Pochahontas'

14. A Princess who you think is a bad role model for young girls
♥ I have so much love for Ariel, but she didn't make very good decisions

15. Favourite tiara
♥ She's not a Princess but Elsa's is absolutely gorgeous!

16. Favourite song sung by a Princess (can include duets)
♥ 'I See The Light' (Rapunzel and Eugene) and 'Something There' (Belle and Adam)

17. Least favourite song sun by a Princess (can include duets)
♥ 'A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes' (Cinderella)

18. The Princess with whom you would be best friends
♥ Belle because we would never run out of books to talk about, and Rapunzel because we have such similar personalities

19. The Princess with whom you would be frenemies
♥ I don't think there would be any, I'm a pretty friendly person

20. The Princess with whom you would openly hate and be enemies with
♥ See above answer

21. The Princess you would dress as for a Halloween/costume party
♥ Belle, or Ariel

22. List 3 admirable qualities about the princess you named in #4
♥ Perseverance, Determination, Good sense of fashion

23. A Princess you feel didn't deserve her happy ending

24. The happy ending you feel didn't make sense/was too easy

♥ They all experienced something difficult. I was going to say snow white, but the dwarves thought she was dead and put her in a glass casket...

25. Favourite sidekick
♥ Pascal

26. Most interesting story
♥ Beauty and the Beast or Tangled

27. Best Singing Voice
♥ I love them all! Don't make me pick

28. Edge of your seat: moment that is the most exciting
♥ When Eugene realizes he loves Rapunzel

29. If you were a Disney Princess, what would your story be
♥ I like Rapunzel's story, so hopefully something similar to hers, or Belles

30. What do you want to see form the next Disney Princess
♥ The animators are doing a great job with all the Princesses, so whatever they have planned will be amazing

If you do this tag, link your blog in the comments so I can see your favourite Disney Princesses


  1. I love reading tags and answers - my favourite princess is Arial!

  2. I've nominated you for the liebster award! I hope you can do it ☺

  3. I love Disney but would really struggle to answer some fo these questions!
    I'm so indecisive!
    Loved the post :)


    1. I know! It took me a long time to write this post, I had a lot of movies to think about while answering the questions!