Take Me Back To Summer!

Tuesday, February 10

Up until a few days ago, I would have told you that summer was one of my least favourite seasons of the year. I'm a fall baby, so naturally that is my favourite season. 
I would tell you that winter is too cold, but summer is too hot. Spring and Fall are lovely because they're a nice in-between temperature (but spring is too rainy, which makes fall the best *wink*)
I was searching through old photos I have saved of last summer and a couple caught my attention, and really made me think of just how wonderful summer really can be. 

This past summer my boyfriend, his mum and I all went on an three hour hike. One and a half hour hike to the edge (you'll see the pictures), and then the same amount back to the vehicle. 
Let me tell you, any time I struggle to walk anywhere now I'll tell myself "You walked three hours just to have a beautiful view, you can certainly do this walk no problem." In all honesty, I probably wouldn't recommend that hike to anyone, the view was absolutely breathtaking, but you need to be an expert hiker to make it there in one piece without feeling like your legs will fall off and your lungs are going to explode out of your chest. Nevertheless, Since I thought I would share a couple photos with you, i've spared you the body aching journey to this wonderful view
 *Along the walk to the edge was a crevice that I nearly fall off of. I had a mini panic attack, as I have a fear of heights and this was one HIGH cliff*

Edge of the Cliff
*One angle of the edge of the magnificent cliff. You can't tell from the picture but it is VERY high, and you'd likely not survive a fall from this height*

Where are some places you've explored?

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