Friday, February 20

Last Summer my partner and I went to our local farmers market (A food market at which local farmers sell fruit and vegetables and often meat, cheese, and bakery products directly to consumers)
Every year there are baby goats, bunnies (No, not rabbits, bunnies!) hens, and roosters!

A couple weeks ago I posted about bringing summer back. 
Well, long story short, that didn't work.
There is more snow here now than there was when I wrote that post, so I thought I'd add some warmth and happiness to this post since I can't get it from outside 
*shakes fist at snow-covered window*

Most of the photos I took of the animals were blurry. The bunnies are heavily caged in, as they can easily escape otherwise (Don't worry they have plenty of room to move around, and are quite happy little fellas) and I wasn't able to get a good shot of them without having some form of cage in the photo 
*shakes fist at pictures*

Anywho, I was able to get a couple decent ones of the roosters. (The hens weren't as beautifully coloured so unfortunately their pictures didn't turn out as well either *shakes fist at lack of colour*)


Rooster Tail

Although it is quite sad to see animals in cages, I would love to be able to take some photos at our local zoo in the summer. Would that be a post you'd be interested in seeing in the future? Let me know! :) 



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