Presentation Anxiety

Wednesday, February 4

I wanted to post a little something about presentation anxiety today, because I, among many people in the world, experience it from time to time.
Today, in roughly three hours, I have to do a 20 minute presentation. 
I've known about it for about a month, so its not like it has crept up on me. 
I have all the information, visual aid, and my presenter notes completed. Generally I wasn't feeling nervous the whole time I was putting everything together in the past two weeks. 
I went through three separate practice runs and went over the 20 minute mark each time, so I was feeling fine!
Then, I went to bed last night and lay awake for a good hour just thinking of all the things that could go wrong. I then woke up earlier than my alarm clock with that nervous butterfly feeling in my stomach.
greeeeeeat *sarcastic tone*

My brain kept telling my body "Hello! This is no big deal, we've totally got this" while by stomach was saying "WE ARE NOT OKAY, THIS IS A BIG DEAL!"
So I'm sitting here, writing this post to try and distract myself.

What are some tips you would give for when someone has presenter nerves?

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