Motivational Monday: Three Things I Enjoy

Monday, February 2

I need a pick me up. I've been feeling quite bleh today, not to mention there is an upcoming storm where I live, that I will have to drive home through. 
*sarcastic "yay"* 

Since this Monday is looking quite dull, I thought I would make a list of some things that I enjoy to keep my spirits up:


 I've followed so many samoyed puppy accounts on Instagram that my whole feed consists of white fluff balls that instantaneously bring a smile to my face
Some great ones to follow: here, here and here (The last one is just general puppies *you're welcome*)

*Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies.
For when a little indulgence is necessary. They are hard and crunchy around the edges but so soft and chewy in the middle, its like my mouth is in heaven. Thinking about them makes my mouth water and tummy grumble. 

*Facebook games.

I know, I know, I'm that awful friend that plays all the Facebook games and clogs up your feed with the posts from said games. In my defence, they're freaking addicting, and I don't send game requests to anyone (because I'll admit that is annoying). Generally though, playing those games, make me happy. (Despite when the Candy Crush level I'm on is the hardest one I've ever played)

I don't want to list too many things right now, because A) I have school work I need to do *boo* and B) I'd like to keep posting more little lists of things that I enjoy so when I need a little boost I can write a little list and enjoy a couple more things 

What are three things you enjoy?

*The Instagram accounts did not sponsor this, I just really like puppies!!*


  1. Great blog post :)

    Lovely blog :) <-- new post about skin care would love to know your thoughts

    have a nice day


  2. Great post, I agree about the puppies.. Anything to do with cute furry creatures and you have my attention haha. Hope you have a lovely week :)

    1. I know! The fluffier the better, in my opinion!
      You have a great week too! :) <3