Motivational Monday: Counting your joys

Monday, February 16

Happy Monday! 
Today's Motivational Monday post is going to be about counting your joys.
I read a quote recently: 

This really hit me because we as humans to tend to do this. I thought that today I would list three of the joys in my life. This might turn into a reoccurring blog post, where every few Mondays I'll include some other joys :)
If you'd like join in write your own post and link yours in the comments! 
We should spread happiness when and wherever we can!

My Joys:

♥ My University Major: This may just be me, but once I found the right major for me everything has clicked and I've been so much happier now that I know I'm in the right program for me.

♥ My Partner: I am so luck to have him, and he brings so much joy and happiness to my life. It's never dull when we're together, and I'm constantly smiling till my cheeks are sore. 

♥ Criminal Minds: My sister and I have a ritual where we watch the new episode premier every Wednesday night, and I look forward to that all through the beginning of the week. We like to predict what the issue is with the unsub ;) 

Don't forget to link me your list, or just include them in the comments! ♥  


  1. true story! love the quote!
    following you on bloglovin', hope you'll look for me too. see you around!

    a possible fantasy

  2. Counting the blessing is a trait of successful people! :)
    Also, you are sooo lucky for finding the right Uni Major, I'm still not certain about mine haha

    1. Don't worry too much about your major! You'll know when you've found the right one. It takes most people a bit of searching, so you're not alone!