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Thursday, February 26

I stole this list of questions from "When life gives you lemons"'s Tumblr pageI was not tagged to answer them, but I liked the questions, so I thought I would anyway ;) 

Also, can you tell I like Disney? *wink*

1. Favorite villian? 

♥ My first instinct is to say Scar from Lion King

2. Scene that always makes you cry?

♥ When Rapunzel tries to save Eugene (her face looks so heartbroken, I cry every time!)

3. Best multi-movie series?

♥ The Lion King! 

4. Movie you wish there was a sequel to?

♥ The thing with sequels is that there needs to be some conflict in the sequel. I was going to say Beauty and the Beast or Tangled, but I would just want a movie about how they're living happily ever after, without introducing any new conflict to the plot. 

5. Favorite animal character?

♥ Does Beast (Adam) count? If not, then probably Pumba

6.. Last movie you watched?

♥ Hercules

7. Rank your top 5 favorite princesses.

♥ #1 - Belle
♥ #2 - Rapunzel
♥ #3 - Elsa (Yes, I know she's a queen)
♥ #4 - Mulan
♥ #5 - Anna

8. Which fictional Disney ‘land’ would you like to live in? 

♥ Arendelle or whatever land Tangled takes place in

9. Have you ever named a pet after a Disney character?

♥ Not as of this moment, although now I'm tempted to

10. If you were going to name your children with Disney character names, what would you choose? ♥ Girl: Belle 

♥ Boy: I quite like Flynn

11. Make yourself a Disney family - mother, father, sister, brother (for example), doesn’t matter if their ages make sense, really… or if they’re from the same movie.

♥ Mother: Elsa (I think she would be a great mother)
♥ Father: Prince Adam
♥ Sister: Anna

12. Which Disney character would you want for a best friend?

♥ Rapunzel 

13. First Disney song that pops into your head.

♥ "I'll Make a Man Out of You" - Mulan

14. Which Disney villain could you see yourself as?

♥ Probably Cruella DeVille (I'd want the puppies for myself, but I wouldn't want to make the coat)

15. First Disney movie you ever watched?

♥ I'm not sure, likely Lion King

16. Favorite Pixar movie?

♥ Nemo, no doubt about that one!

17. Any movies where you like the fandom but are pretty “meh” about the movie?

♥ I'm not sure, nothing too prominent comes to mind, but I think Peter Pan is 'meh' 
(That being said, I saw a local live performance of it.. loved it!)

18. Dream future Disney princess?

♥ Belle from Beauty and the Beast, or Rapunzel

19. You’ve been transported into the world of your favorite character. What’s the first thing you do?

(it's Disney, so it would obviously fit perfectly)

20. Which Disney character do you think is overrated?

♥ Hmm.. maybe Tarzan?

21. Ratatouille’s known for making people hungry. What food scenes always get your cravings going?

♥ The scene in Beauty in the Beast with "Be Our Guest". They'd make anything to make belle stay, and thats the kind of food I like 
*licks lips*

22. Who would you like to be you cuddle buddy? Also, who would be the big spoon/little spoon?
♥ Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert 
*romantic sigh*

If you make a post with these questions leave your link in the comments so I can check your answers out!

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