Mini LUSH Haul

Tuesday, February 24

Hello All! 
Today, I thought I would write up a little post about the LUSH products I have at home that I have yet to try in my rub-a-dub-tub 
For my birthday last year (in October) my partner got me "The Art of Bathing" from lush which had a bunch of bath products! 
NOTE: They recently changed the products and packaging that this gift box is, so I did not receive as many products as are advertised now
I still have some of those products left to try, as well as I've bought some others that weren't in the gift box that I need to use up, so I thought for this post I would do a mini-haul-esque post, where I list all the ones I have, and then later (if I can remember) I can do a couple posts about my experiences with some of the items!

Before I get into them I'd just like to note that my photo editing skills are below par, and therefore the photos aren't all that great *sad face*

Karma Bubble Bar
The first is the Karma bubble bar
LUSH says: "Mystical bubbler with refreshing patchouli and lemongrass"
My hopes for this, is that my bath water will be a lovely pastel orange, and smell lovely
This came in my birthday gift box, and I have yet to use it!

Sex Bath Bomb
The second is the Sex Bath Bomb *oh la la*
LUSH says: "Brazen jasmine flirts with your senses"
I have high hopes for this one, partly because of it's name, and partly because I can see the flower poking out of the bath bomb and I can't wait to see it when I put the bomb in the water!

Avobath Bath Bomb
Third in my LUSH mini-haul is the Avobath Bath Bomb
LUSH says: "Skin softening lemongrass and avocado soaker"
Now, let me tell you that while all the products smell amazing, this one smells so wonderful! I can't describe it any other way than 'clean'. I love the smell, it's not like a detergent where it smells like chemical, more like how your clothes smell after you've let them dry outside on your clothesline 
*mmm, reminds me of summer*

Phoenix Rising Bath Bomb
Finally, I have the Phoenix Rising bath bomb
LUSH says: "Spicy cinnamon fizzer"
This is the one I'm most excited for, because it looks absolutely gorgeous!
I can see the sparkle, it is a gorgeous colour and it smells so good too! Not to mention you can SEE the cinnamon stick! *whee!*

What LUSH products are your favourite? Which should I try out next?


  1. Hey! Nice review, would love to hear your thoughts on some of our bath bombs!?

  2. I am always on the look out for some new bath products! I'll take a look on your website :)

  3. I love Lush! But I haven't tried any of these products! I did try the Karma soap bar though and it was quite nice!


  4. I love lush too! I also have the Karma bubble bar and can't wait to use it. Comment on how it goes on my lush haul post on my blog if you get a chance.

    Miss Anonymous xx

    Awesome Review btw