Metaphorical Puzzle of Life | Motivational Monday

Monday, February 23

I found this quote today: 

This made me think about how intertwined we are with the people in our lives. I never gave much thought to the interactions we have with people, and the impact it has on us, the way we behave, how our personalities are affected, etc. 
Our lives are made up of so many interactions. These may be as simple as reconnecting with an old friend, an introduction to a new one, a conversation with someone you love, or even smiling at someone as you walk by. All these things influence the people you surround. 
If the world could just add more positive interactions between people, I really think that a lot of negativity could be replaced with positivity. We not only would be filling in other's metaphorical puzzles with positive memories of us, but they then would be more likely to add positive metaphorical puzzle pieces in our puzzle. 
(So wise, Amanda.  *cringes*)

Today, let someone know you appreciate them and they've impacted your life in a positive way

*psst, hey, you. You've impacted my life today*


  1. That is such a lovely quote and like yourself I hadn't thought too much about how my interactions with people could really make a difference to their day/lives.
    I always try to treat people as I would wish to be treated (with respect, kindness, compassion, and empathy) and think I achieve this in my job!
    I am going to try harder though to make sure I leave a positive impression on the people I interact with to leave them with something positive (however small) to take away with them!
    Thanks for sharing!


  2. great post! defiantly needed that after a few days of feeling so thank you :)
    and also just wanna let you know that i nominated you to the versatile blogger award, you can see it here on my blog have a lovely day !
    Lola x