Fun Fact Friday!

Friday, February 13

Wahoo! It's Friday! 

I'm thinking about making this a recurring type of post (maybe every other Friday?) where I tell you a couple little facts about myself. This way you can find out a bit about me in small increments rather than a whole huge list of facts about me that will be overwhelming
(not to mention a very lengthy post to write)
These facts aren't going to be the typical name, age, eye colour, hair colour, city you live in, number of siblings, blah blah blah. This is going to be more about things that I think are quirky.

Fun Fact #1: Although I am twenty-one, I have the personality of a five year old. This includes the multiple stuffed animal toys I have since kept and keep in various places in my bedroom

Fun Fact #2: My favourite genre of books is fictional romance (usually involving a vampire of sorts)
DONT JUDGE ME! They're very good. If you're interested in more adult centered fictional romance, the author Amanda Ashley does some GREAT books. My favourite of her books is called 'Dead Perfect'. I also enjoy the Sookie Steakhouse books (True Blood) by Charlaine Harris.
My all time favourite fictional romance novels are the Vampire Academy books by Richelle Mead 
(I refuse to see the movie that was released) 
They are more of a teen book, but they are just sooooooooooooooooooooo good!
*squee I just love them so much!*

Fun Fact #3:
I wear a ring on my ring finger every single day, even though I'm neither engaged nor married. My partner bought me a small less than $20 ring for my birthday in 2012. I tried wearing it on my third finger on my right hand, but it only felt natural on my left hand ring finger. I've had people ask if it signifies anything, and I always just reply with "No, it was just a birthday present a few years ago."

If you like this type of post or want to see a more traditional facts about me post, leave me a comment! :) 

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