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Friday, February 27

Another Fun Fact Friday! *whee*

1. I am a VERY messy person. My room will look like a tornado has hit it almost every day of the month. The occasional time I do clean my room, I will do a whole room sweep where I clean EVERYTHING . It never seems to make a difference though, because the tornado will hit again a few days later.

2. I'm not sure how legitimate my phobia is, but I have a deep, intense fear of needles. I get panicky and worried before I need to get one, and then after I get to the point where I almost faint and then I never do. It is the scariest feeling in the world. There is static in my ears so loud that I can't hear the people around me talking, I get lightheaded and sometimes see black spots.
(I'm mentioning this because I need to get a needle soon and already feel panicked, so I figured I may as well talk about it)

3. If I have candy that comes in different colours and flavours, i'll start eating them by just putting some in my mouth and not caring, but by the time the number of candies left gets low I then start trying to make sure all the colours and flavours are even before I eat them all, so that I can have one of each left before I finish the candy. (that sounds so weird when you write it out)

What are three fun facts about yourself?

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  1. I'm so glad to hear someone else's bedroom is exactly as messy as mine and I've also got a fear of needles and I get exactly the same symptoms as you! also I do the weird sweets thing :) x
    ~basicallychloe x