Diamond Candles Review

Wednesday, February 18

For our first anniversary together (which was almost two years ago!) my partner purchased some Diamond Candles for me. At the time they had a deal on where it was cheaper to purchase four than it was to purchase the original two he had planned to get. (Yay! more for me, hehe)
Since there are things that I both liked and disliked about these candles I thought I would write a blog post about them, so if others were interested in them they would have a bit of insight from someone who has had some before. (Warning: The photos I include were taken from a crappy cell phone over two years ago, but I've tried to make them look as nice as possible)

Things I liked:
♥ They smell amazing! Not only do they have an abundance of scents to choose from, but the scent fills the room. Of the four I had my favourite scents were the Cinnamon Bun and Carnival Candy, but I did enjoy all the scents!

Diamond Candles
From Left to right: Cinnamon Bun, Green Apple, Pomegranate Lemonade and Carnival Candy

SPOILER (although the name kind of gives it away)
♥ There's a ring inside every candle! Light the candle and wait until you see the wrapper appear in the melted wax (it's wrapped to protect the ring)

Diamond Candle
I see you in there, ring!

♥ They are exciting! I've never been more excited to burn a candle than I was when I received these ones! I had such a tough decision deciding which one to burn first! Theres a thrill that comes with waiting to see what is underneath the scented wax layers of a candle

♥ Double Whammy! Most rings are only worth $10 but the company also includes select rings that are worth $100 , $1000 and even $5000! This adds to the excitement majorly! Waiting to see if the ring you received in your candle might be that $5000 ring!

Things I didn't like: 
♥ Although there is a ring in every candle, there is no guarantee that the ring you get will be in your ring size. The company does put more ring sizes in the candles that majority of their customers are likely to have, but since I have slightly larger fingers, most of the rings I got in the end were too small for me. *pouty face*

♥ Although it was exciting, the wait times vary and can sometimes be long. Since each ring is placed in by hand, and the size and shape of the ring varies, the amount it will sink in the still very hot wax is always changing. This also means that the time it takes to melt the candle back down to the ring can be a long time. The longest one I had to wait for was probably 5 hours of burning (The cinnamon bun one)

♥ Yes, it is exciting to get than ring, but the chance of it being worth more than $10 is slim to none, as the company produces many of these candles with very select numbers of the higher valued rings. You're always hopeful that you're the lucky one with the expensive ring, but you'll likely feel a little let down when you realize it's not.

Diamond Candles
The ring out and removed from its wrapper

Overall I loved these candles. They have such a wonderful scent that its worth getting a $10 ring inside. These candles add a bit of excitement to making a room smell nice.

*This is my honest opinion on this product. Diamond Candles has not paid me to talk about their product, I genuinely enjoy their products and wanted to make a post about them*


  1. I nominated you for the Liebster award

  2. I love these candles! Great post. I think the one I got for my mom was the cinnamon bun. She loved it, and I agree they smell so good. I wish chances of a higher priced ring were better too. :( I have to say though we got a little impatient and tried to pick out the ring sooner, while it was melted. lol.
    I actually came here to tell you that I nominated you for Liebster award as well. Looks like I was beat to it! lol. It's still up if you want it. <3

    1. When I lit the first one I was glued to it just waiting to get the ring out, and I did pick it out before it was ready. Too anxious to wait :)

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  4. These look amazing! I normally only get Yankee Candles but may have to try these now!

    Clare x

  5. Sorry to say this but i couldn't really read your blog! you might want to make the text a bit bigger so you can get more reads. I would've loved to read this post though xx

    Miss Anonymouse xx

    1. Oh! I'm sorry! I'll make sure to make the font more legible!
      Thanks for letting me know!