Tuesday, January 27

I'm writing this simply because I have other work that needs to get done, and I just can't be bothered to start working on it all. Midterms are coming up soon, not to mention a large visual component for a presentation I need to do in a couple of weeks. Its not hard work, I just don't feel like doing any of it. Then there is the job of prioritizing which things I need to do first, that way I am being optimally efficient. (Ugh, does that not sound horrible?!)
I keep trying to add things to this post, so that I can delay starting my work as much as possible, but i've really just saved myself about ten minutes total for writing this... better than nothing, I suppose.... 
Now, what should I start with... OH! I haven't cleaned my entire house yet, that definitely takes precedence over all the important stuff

P.S Don't procrastinate like me, but I'm assuming if you've found this little nook of the internet you've already joined the dark side

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