Lush's Fizzbanger Bath Bomb

Thursday, January 29

Coming from someone who has had sensitive skin for the whole of her life, Lush was never a line of products that I saw myself using. The thought of having to deal with a breakout or irritated rash after such exposure to the bath related items made me very uneasy. I think part of the reason was that I was so uneducated about the way Lush's products are made and the ingredients that are used. Natural preservatives and oils and ingredients that you can pronounce! Not only do they use great ingredients that are easy on sensitive skin, among many other great things!
 *Hoorah! for Lush*
What I really wanted to talk about was how freaking amazing their bath products are, in particular the bath bombs. I know lots of people have raved about these products, and I'm probably the last person to jump on the band wagon, but I'm saying it anyway!
Tonight I had the Fizzbanger bath bomb, and let me tell you... it was so AWESOME!
First, it's a gorgeous yellow, second, *spoilers* THERE ARE POP ROCKS IN THE BATH BOMB THAT POP IN YOUR BATH!!!!
Its hard to show how excited you are when you're typing this out onto a screen, but imaging that my face is lit up with joy and excitement ;) 

What lush products should I try next? 

*Not a sponsored post, I just really like Lush!*

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